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It's Pretty, It's Pink, It's Soap and Glory!

How many of you have come across the wonderful company that is Soap and Glory?

If you haven't you really don't know what you're missing.

They do the most amazing range of bath and body products including body scrubs, moisturisers, shower cream, bubble bath and hair products. In addition to all that they also have a range of skincare products such as anti-ageing creams, nights cream, cleansers and toners. They have a lovely range of cosmetics and accessories and finally they have brought out a range of products specifically for men which, before you read the next paragraph, are not pink - they're red!

I was given a huge box of these products by my sister in law as a birthday present and when I opened the box I honestly thought I had died and gone to heaven. Firstly, the box was inside a tote bag. Both were pink!! When I opened the box guess what - all the products were in pink bottles, tubs and packs. Well, that was me hooked and to be honest they could have contained baked beans and I would still have loved them but they didn't. There was shower cream, body smoothers, exfoliators, lip balm, cleansing cloths and shampoo to name but a few of the items and each product was rich, creamy and luxurious with the most amazing smell ever. For example, the Breakfast Scrub is an oat, shea butter and sugar body smoother which in itself is wonderful but it also contains banana, honey and almond extracts. It honestly smells good enough to eat. Please don't though. Righteous Butter is a lovely, thick, moisturising, body butter which smells of strawberries, bergamot and mandarin with musk, amber and warm vanilla. Truly delicious!

I could go on about this company forever but I won't. Instead I'll just direct you to their website and you can make your own mind up. You'll find them at and they sell their products in Boots, Harrods and Go and look! I promise you won't be disappointed.

Until the next time,

Denise x


Denise said…
Soap and Glory is my favourite too!

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