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You're Fired!

And so another series of The Apprentice gets underway.
I love this programme! I’m not sure whether I love it because it’s highly entertaining (usually for all the wrong reasons) or whether seeing the type of person who takes part in it makes me realise that I really am quite normal but, either way, it’s compelling viewing.

Already the contestants this year seem to be even more arrogant and obnoxious than in previous years if that’s possible and, as usual, they allegedly include some of the top entrepreneurs and business people in the country today, which is worrying in itself. This year the prize for winning is different although the title of the show no longer seems relevant as Alan Sugar will not be taking on a new apprentice at the end. Instead the winner will receive £250,000 from Lord Sugar to set up a business. He (Lord Sugar) will remain a sleeping partner in this business and will not step in even if they run into problems. This in effect means that there is no guarantee of a successful outcome. If the winner is not the business person they consider themselves to be then they will fail.  I wait with baited breath.
The show was hilarious as usual, made all the better this year by the fact that I was following it on Twitter. You can find me at @celestriana and there are some very funny people over there. Alan Sugar gave us a great insight into the show by Tweeting along with us live. Two of the funniest and most memorable moments of tonight’s show came from the boys’ team. After deciding to make soup and wasting sorry, spending an inordinate amount of time bickering discussing who was going to do what, how they would market it etc., a small voice (Glenn) could be heard asking a very pertinent question  “Does anyone actually know how to make soup?” The silence that followed said it all.

The second magical moment happened at the market. One of the boys picked up a piece of fruit. It was round with rough skin, a bit bigger than an apple and the colour of it was – orange. It wouldn’t take a genius to work out what it was but still he asked “Is this an orange?” Now I would expect a two year old to know what it was however, perhaps top business people and entrepreneurs are so far removed….
Anyway, the girls won, the boys lost and Edward, the self-appointed Project Manager, found himself staring at the finger of doom. The right person went tonight and I’m sure the words “You’re fired!” are words he will remember for a very long time.

Good luck Edward, whatever you end up doing.
Until the next time.
D x


Littlewillow said…
Hi Denise

It was good wasn't it? I definitely love all the squabbling and bitching and then even better when they're brought down a peg or 2! One of my favourite lines was Edward saying that not only was he the youngest (25!!!! Really? Looked like 40!) but also the shortest! haha - and? And yay for more Apprentice excitement tonight woo! I'm so glad it's going to be on a Wednesday as it means I can watch it now and it won't get spoiled.

Happy viewing!
Denise said…
It was great and I was surpised too at Edward being only 25.
I've been looking forward to tonight's show all day so roll on 9pm!! I don't think we'll be disappointed.

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