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Countdown to Christmas: 8 Days to Go!!

So, 8 days to go and after my blog post yesterday the weather witch looked favourably upon us and granted us a dusting of snow and although it's not much it really does look pretty.

I decided that today I would go shopping and get some of the important things bought bearing in mind that I have no presents, wrapping paper etc. etc.

So, here are my first purchases!

I know!! It's maybe not the most important thing to be thinking about at the moment but it is one less thing to worry about. This of course doesn't include the wine, champagne and gin that my OH bought. So, that's the drinks taken care of.

My next port of call was my local 'garden centre'. This shop is one of the most beautiful shops around and I truly believe I could live there. After a bit of lunch we had a look around. Every year I buy a new decoration for the tree and so I thought I would do that today seeing as I think we will decorate the tree(s) tomorrow. I say trees as we haven't quite decided whether to just have one tree in the living room or whether we should have a second tree in the entrance hall as well. Decisions, decisions! I also love decorating the table on Christmas Day and so I thought I would buy a few bits and pieces for that too. The table colours this year will be silver and red and here is a photo of some of the things I bought for the table and the tree.

I have also made a list of the presents I would like to buy everyone and will spend one day next week in town, present shopping and, if the worst come to the worst and I don't manage to find anything, I can always get everyone drunk in the hope that they will forget about presents.

And that's about it! Tomorrow is tree decorating day and finishing off writing the cards. I also need to make some boxes for the table gifts which I've decided to have in place of crackers this year so...

...until the next time,

Denise x


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