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Countdown to Christmas: Day 9

Santa Claus
Well, I have to say, much as love Christmas I haven't really felt very Christmassy - until today. I'm not sure why it just hit me today but all of a sudden I started to get a bit excited about it all so I thought I would share my countdown to Christmas with you.

So, 9 days to go and this is where I'm at.

I have managed to buy a couple of presents so far and...that's it. I still have most of the presents to buy. I haven't written my cards yet. I have no wrapping paper. I have no food bought. We have a houseful of people staying over Christmas and I haven't started getting any of the rooms ready for them. The tree hasn't been bought yet and all the decorations are still in the attic. I hope you're beginning to get the picture. I am completely and totally NOT ready for Christmas!! Am I worried about this? YES! Slightly! No - not at all!

My way of looking at it is that I now really feel like it's Christmas and so I'm feeling motivated. (A little bit of snow would help even more). I still have over a week to go and once I find my Christmas CDs and start playing them at full volume there will be no stopping me. My way of thinking is that I've never yet met anyone who missed Christmas through not being organised. No-one I know has ever said 'Do you know, Christmas Day arrived and I still hadn't bought a single present' or 'I didn't have a single piece of food in the house on Christmas Day'. We all get there in the end albeit by the skin of our teeth sometimes.

Dodo Book of Christmas
So this evening I am going to write my cards and make a shopping list for tomorrow. I'm also going to write up my wonderful 'Dodo Book of Christmas' which kept me organised last year. If anyone is interested in it you can find out more by clicking here.

And there you have it. Day 9 and I've at last started to feel Christmassy. Hopefully by the time I post tomorrow I will be slightly more organised.

I'm now off to write my cards so...

...until the next time,

Denise x


Ro said…
Wishing you a productive Xmas-centric weekend. Hope you knock LOTS off your to-do list, and have a fun and festive time doing so. Have a great weekend!
Denise said…
Thanks Roanne! Just back from doing some shopping and yes - feeling as though I have been quite productive. Hope you have a great weekend too!

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