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Back To What It Used To Be

Somehow I seem to have got really off track with this blog.

When I started it I was going to write about anything and everything. Then gradually it evolved into a motivational and inspirational blog which I really loved but over the last few months I seem to be blogging mainly about books I have read and Filofaxes and although I enjoy writing about those two topics it's not really what I want Cupcakes and Cadenzas to be about.So, I'm going back to writing motivational, inspirational and self-development posts (with maybe the odd Filofax post thrown in).

Keep checking back and hopefully you will see Cupcakes and Cadenzas morph back into what it used to be but this time - even better!!


Emily said…
I look forward to hearing some inspiration! :) Though I have been enjoying the book talks... :)
Denise said…
Hi Emily,

Although there are going to be more of the old type posts I'm sure I will still manage to throw in a few book reviews. I won't be able to stop myself.


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