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A-Z Blogging Challenge: F is for...Farmer.

Despite hours of searching I was unable to find a nursery rhyme beginning with F that had any history attached to it and so I have decided to share one of my all time favourite rhymes (which does feature F for farmer) with you and give you a brief history of the raven; a bird mentioned in the nursery rhyme.

What a bad raven! It's hardly surprising though that the mare got the fright of her life. Ravens are considered to be prophets of doom; symbols of the supernatural. When a raven 'croaks' it is believed to represent the speech of the dead.

Personally I wouldn't have left the house the next day. I wonder if the farmer decided to stay at home too.

Ravens are very much associated with the Tower of London. Click here to find out about the history behind this strange connection.


This is my first visit to your blog, have you decided to use nursery rhymes as a theme? If so fab idea, I use to love this rhyme as a kid - when at my computer and not on my phone I will have to pop back and check out your others x
Denise said…
The Rambling Pages - thanks for dropping by.

Yes, my theme is nursery rhymes and the history behind them only I couldn't find any history for any beginning with F.

Hope you're enjoying the challenge.
Unknown said…
Hi Denise. I'm not new to your blog but I only saw your A-Z posts today. What a good idea. I love fairy stories and nursery rhymes - their themes usually go a lot deeper than they seem
Denise said…
Hi Susan. I love fairy stories and nursery rhymes too. It's amazing how the most innocent of rhymes (and fairy tales) can sometimes have such dark or sinister connections.
Anonymous said…
How about the Farmer in the Dell?

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