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When You Walk in the Room

When You Walk in the Room
This morning, whilst checking my Twitter timeline, I came across a brilliant question which had been asked by @chrismarr101. The question was very simple and straightforward but it resonated with me immediately and really got me thinking.

Chris's question was:

'Do you brighten up the room when you walk in, or when you walk out?'

Well, I'm a fairly confident person and my first reaction to the question was 'I'm fine with that. I definitely brighten up the room when I walk in!' 

Then I started to think about it a bit more and of course, the doubt started to creep in. 

'I'm sure I brighten up the room when I walk in! At least I think I do... What if I don't though? What if a blanket of doom and gloom starts to spread whenever I appear...suppressing conversation...stopping people from having a good time? What if they can't wait to see the back of me so that they can all get back to their happy, jovial conversations without anyone (me) casting a grey mist over them? What if...?' (OK, I do suffer from a slightly overactive imagination at times).

Joking aside though, I would like to think that people are happy to see me when I walk in a room or anywhere else for that matter bearing in mind that this could also apply to Social Networking Sites. I hate the thought of anyone's spirits sinking at the thought of spending time with me online or off. I have to admit that I know people like that. They walk into the room (or Twitter or Facebook) and you just know, even before they open their mouths, that they're going to bring the mood down with their negativity and inability to see the good in anything. Having said that, I do know that if I'm not in the best of moods or I really don't want to be somewhere then I don't always make an effort to hide the way I feel about it all. This question however has made me think about how I might be perceived by others and has made me realise that it's not all about me and so, from now on, I am on a quest to brighten up every 'room' I go into and hopefully leave it a little brighter too.

So, what would your answer be if someone asked you this question? Could you honestly say that the room brightens up when you arrive? Do you spread happiness and positivity wherever you go or do you sometimes, maybe just the teeniest bit, have the opposite effect? 

You can check out Chris's blog/website by clicking here


Chris Marr said…
Hi Denise,

It's great that you have expanded on the question.

A lot of your thoughts definitely resonate with me.

Like you, I am going to think a little more consciously about how I come across when I walk in a room.

I think it is easy to forget about these little things. I would like to be known as the happy, friendly, approachable guy...not the unapproachable guy that people weren't sure if they could talk to.

It was great to chat to you today!

All the best!


P.s. I have a secret love for cupcakes...perhaps I should introduce a rewards system just like you!
Denise said…
Hi Chris,

Great chatting to you too and thanks for posting the question on Twitter in the first place.

So many of us just assume that we're doing all the right things and it's only when someone (you) asks a question like this that we sit up and take notice of how we behave around others. The outcome is not always what you expect either :-)

With regard to the reward system - I'm a great believer in rewarding yourself when you achieve something, so I say 'Go for it!!'


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