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Reading Challenge 2012

So another year has gone and a lovely fresh new year stretches ahead.

As I said in yesterday's post I love the start of a new year and the chance to set some new challenges and goals. I also love reading and I probably read about 30 books last year and so I decided to set myself a new blog challenge. I am going to read 50 books in 2012! My sister did point out that 50 is quite a lot (roughly 1 per week) but I feel if a challenge is too easy then it's not worth doing and if I managed 30 last year, then 50 this year should be manageable.

I also intend to review each book as I finish it and then post the review on here. I like reading book reviews. They help me to decide whether I will read a book or not and I hope my reviews will help others to decide whether or not they would like to read a particular book. Although the reviews will show up here I will also have a separate page (2012 Reading Challenge) with all the books listed on it and a link to the relevant review.

I think reading is really important and so many people tell me that they never read or that they just don't have time to read and I think that's a shame. I feel that everyone should set aside some time every day to do a bit of reading whether it's before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning or a few minutes at lunchtime. It's a great way to schedule in some ME time during the day too.

Please feel free to join in with this challenge. Of course you don't have to read 50 books. Any number that suits you is fine, so if you read 10 books last year you could aim for 15 this year and so on as long as you set yourself a target which is challenging. It doesn't matter what you read either. Chick-lit, horror, factual, fantasy - it really doesn't matter as long as it gets you reading. Let me know if you decide to join in.

Right - where's my Kindle?

Until the next time,

Denise x


Ro said…
I have set my challenge (at Goodreads) to 40 books for the year. I love finding out what my friends are reading so am really glad you will be doing this. Still on no-buy so most of my books are from my previous tbr stacks or from library... Are you on Goodreads?
Denise said…
That's great Roanne!

I joined Goodreads about a year ago and haven't been back on til tonight so will have to get to grips with it again. It is good to see what friends are reading and I look forward to seeing your recommendations.

I'm so impressed with your continued no-buy. I'm sure I could find plenty of books from my previous tbr stacks as well and I think I will do that actually.

Maybe we could link up on Goodreads?
Heather Musk said…
Hi Denise,

I read your post and immediately thought of Goodreads too, which I am also on.

I have only set my reading challenge to 12 books as I am expecting a busy year, including getting married, studying an OU course and my little one is starting school. I hope to exceed this but I thought I'd better be sensible about it!

I look forward to reading your recommendations, and I might look out for you on Goodreads.

Denise said…
Hi Heather and thanks for your comment.

You certainly have a busy year ahead! I'm not sure I would even manage 12 books with all that going on :-)

I'd forgotten how fab Goodreads is and it's always interesting to see what other people are reading and recommending so if you like you can find me there under Denise Mitchell.

Good luck with all your events this year and I hope you still manage to find a little bit of relaxation time for yourself.

Sara Williams said…
I am on my 5th already this year. I didn't really want to go back to work as it eats in to my reading time, but needs must so back to reading before work, on the train and in the evening and at weekends.
I also have 2 Domino filofaxes where I write down all the book I have liked. It started as one but there were just too many. (recorded alphabetically under author)
Good luck with your challenge.
Denise said…
Hi Sara, thanks for your comment.

Wow! I am so impressed on two counts. Firstly that you have read 5 books already this year and secondly that you keep a record of the books/authors in your Filofaxes.

I think keeping a record of the books you read is a brilliant idea and I think I will start doing that myself. (It will give me an excuse to put another of my Filofaxes to work) :-)It would be good to have a record though.

I hope you are still managing to find plenty of time to read despite having to go back to work - it does get in the way, doesn't it - and if you want to join in over on Goodreads, I'd be happy to see you there.

Happy reading!

WellPlannedLife said…
This is great! I'll join in too, though it takes me a while to get through one book. Mainly because I don't get tons of time to read, and so I usually only read a few pages at a time. But maybe I'll keep a list of books on my blog too. I'll have to think about the specifics of that. I'm also on Goodreads, so feel free to find me!
Denise said…
Hi Kanalt. Great news that you're going to be joining in too. The beauty of it is that you can set your own target to fit in with your life style.

I used to read a few pages here and there as well but when I went back to the book I always had to start the chapter again as I lost the flow of the story so now I always try to finish at the end of a chapter which of course takes up more time than ever but I've decided that that's ok as reading is more important than housework etc. etc ;-)

I'm still getting to grips with the mechanics of Goodreads but I've now sent you a friend request (I think) so I'll hopefully see you over there very soon. D.

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