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The Humble Filofax Versus The Mighty iPad

My mum always said I was an advertiser's dream. I only have to see an ad or a product that I like and I fall for it, hook, line and sinker. I have always been like that.   

About a month ago I treated myself to an iPad. I had wanted one since the day they were launched and finally decided to bite the bullet and get one. I got an iPad2 only to discover, of course, that two days after I ordered it, the 3 was being released a week later but - such is life. I am aware that the display on the 2 is completely inferior to the 3 but, to be honest, I don't really care. I love my iPad! It's the best thing I have bought in years and I now can't imagine life without it.

It took me a few days to get used to the iPad. I don't have an iPhone - yet - so I hadn't seen the layout etc.  but what I quickly realised was that it can do just about anything you want it to. The app store is huge! You can find things in there that you could never have even dreamed it might have. The iPad itself came with Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Contacts...can you see where this is going? Yes. I fell for the iPad so hard that I decided to abandon my trusty Filofaxes. All 14 of them!

Personal Siena with Waterman pen and pencil
Within a week I had transferred all my appointments, notes, to-do lists, contacts, in fact everything onto my iPad. I didn't even bother putting my trusty Siena and Finchley back into their boxes. They lay abandoned in a corner whilst the iPad and I continued to get to know each other better. We spent a wonderful three weeks together. We had a lovely time! The iPad came everywhere with me; lunch, the pub, lessons, rehearsals. I didn't give a second thought to my Filofaxes left alone in the house, wondering when I was going to come home. Wondering if I was going to come home.

A5 Finchley
But, as with any new relationship, it wasn't long until the honeymoon period was over. A niggling feeling had started to build in the pit of my stomach. You know the feeling when something isn't right but you can't quite put your finger on it? I began to think of all the lovely times I had spent with my Filofaxes over the years. They had been there for me day in and day out - making sure my life ran smoothly. I began to miss the smoothness and the smell of their leather. I missed their cotton cream paper and I missed my lovely fountain pens. I realised that the only time I ever wrote anything was when I wrote in my Filofaxes and I began to worry that I may actually lose the ability to write if I carried on like this and so my Filofaxes are back in my life.

The iPad is fantastic! I love it to bits and as I said, I can't imagine not having it now. I am hugely into Social Media and I'm now able to keep up with everything that's going on even when I'm on the move but in this technological age where everything moves and changes so quickly, I feel my Filofaxes keep me grounded. They are timelessly elegant and allow me to hold on, in some small way, to a time when things weren't quite so fast and frenetic.

Oh - and the fact that their batteries never need charged is huge plus!!


L. Diane Wolfe said…
I still keep track of everything in a physical calendar. Old habits die hard.
There is space in our lives for iPads and filofaxes! hehehe :-)
Denise said…
Hi Diane and thanks for the comment. It's funny but even in this day and age there's something reassuring about using pen and paper.
Denise said…
Caribbean Princess - definitely! Never again will I consider giving up my Filofaxes. They just can't be beaten! :-)
WellPlannedLife said…
My mother-in-law stopped using a physical planner this year and now keeps track of everything on her iPad. I nearly fell over when I heard this. But it works for her, especially since she does a lot of traveling to see family. And after reading Steve's latest post (on his own personal blog), I wondered if I too could keep an iPad/iTouch planning system - it sounds great. But the reality is that I love my planner, I love using it, I love carrying it, and above all, I love the act of physically writing things down. Just as you said, in a world where technology is growing fast and furious, it's nice to hold on to something so simple and traditional. It's a very calming experience to me.
Denise said…
Kanalt - I could have happily used my iPad for all my planning and I think in some ways it would be easier but, like you, I love my planner(s) and I just don't want to give them up. You are so right - they represent simplicity and tradition.
Unknown said…
I love my iphone but I still want to write things down, I guess I just like ink :)

Diane Perin said…
I too love my IPad and my filofaxes. I often sit with both on my lap, reading blogs or articles or browsing on the iPad while making notes in the FF. my iPad cover even feels sort of like finchley-type leather.
Unknown said…
I too use both... Ipad for reading about filofaxes, filofaxes for real life!
Denise said…
Tracy - I think I'm the same as you - I like ink and I like paper. I can't imagine never using them.

Diane - reading on your iPad and taking notes in your Filofax is a great idea. That way you have the best of both worlds.

My iPad doesn't feel anything like a Filofax as I have the bright green plastic smart cover.

Helen - I love that!! IPad for reading about Filofaxes, Filofaxes for real life!

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