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Silence is Golden...for some

Earlier today the unthinkable happened and, to be honest, I never expected this day to come although I'm sure many have wished for it for a long time, especially my long-suffering OH.

Someone has managed to temporarily silence me. I can't speak and, even worse, I can hardly eat although I have been assured that it is only temporary and things should be back to normal within a couple of days. Phew!

So, who managed to succeed where others have tried and failed? 


Somehow, whilst preparing a back tooth for a crown, he...wait for it...managed to...drill my tongue!! I didn't actually feel it happening because of the anaesthetic but I knew something was wrong when it went quiet and then I saw him and the nurse looking at each other over their masks. He then started to apologise and explain how there had been a bit of a problem and how occasionally dentists can catch their patients' tongues with the drill... Then he began to pack my mouth with gauze and told me that it would be quite painful for 2-3 days and I would have to take strong painkillers but luckily it didn't need stitched!!

So, tonight I am sitting here typing this. The anaesthetic has completely worn off, the painkillers are not really working, I have a headache, my tongue really hurts and I'm hungry. Not a good combination however it's only for a couple of days and then I'll forget about how painful it was but it will definitely make me much more wary on my next visit to the dentist.

So, who else has gone to visit their dentist for something fairly routine and come out worse than when they went in?


Shannon said…
OMG, so sorry to hear!!!

I went to my dentist because there was a little rip in the gum in front of my bottom front tooth due to a toothbrush slip. I was told I needed oral surgery to fix it (not a couple stitches as I expected). They cut a CHUNK of skin from the top part of my mouth and sewed it to the existing rip. My mouth hurt for WEEKS...and the rip never bothered me at all (supposedly leaving it could have created a worse situation though, tooth loss, etc.).

Let me tell you, I hear ya! I really do!'

Rinse with salt water...will sting, but will help heal quicker.

Good luck!
Denise said…
Thanks Shannon.

Your ordeal sounds terrible especially when you expected something fairly simple to be done. Visits to the dentist can be such a nightmare.

Thanks for the advice re the salt water. I'll try that right now.

Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear that, Denise. I guess I should stop telling my kids that there's nothing to fear when going to the dentist.
Denise said…
Thanks Linda but I would just keep telling them that there's nothing to worry about :-)

In all the years I've been going nothing like this has ever happened before. That's why I'm so shocked that it happened. Something like this just never crossed my mind.

I think as far as dentists go 'ignorance is bliss'
Anonymous said…
"I think as far as dentists go 'ignorance is bliss'"

I will gladly take your advice.
OW! I've had some less-than-fun experiences in a dentist chair, but no oopsies like this. You poor thing. Not exactly a fun way to "go on a diet". Hope it heals real fast. And that salt water really should help. I wonder why the dentist didn't tell you that?
Denise said…
Thanks Susan. To be honest I think the dentist got a bit of a fright and was a bit embarrassed too so got me out the door as quickly as he could as soon as he was finished. Hopefully he will be more careful when I go back in two weeks.

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