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Quick and Easy Brownie Recipe

This morning I found this recipe on Stumbleupon and tweeted it as it really appealed to me. I love brownies and the fact that you can have one, freshly made, in about three minutes if you really wanted one...well...what could be better?? It was only after I tweeted it though that I suddenly thought 'What if it's horrible? What if the recipe doesn't work?' There was only one way to find out and so I got together all the ingredients and tried it. I can assure you that it does work and is just delicious. The first thing I would recommend is that, once you put all the dry ingredients in the mug, give them a good mix with a teaspoon to make sure they're really blended before you add the oil and water. Secondly, make sure it's a fairly big mug as this makes quite a big brownie. I used a large Le Creuset coffee mug and that seemed about right. Personally, I would say that this could actually do two people so you could make it and then split it into two. Althoug

The Hazard of Handbags - Update

Well, there has been little improvement in my shoulder since my last post and, out of interest, I decided to look into just what we should be carrying in our handbags on a daily basis. I have decided that the amount of stuff I pack into my handbag is excessive and that I should cut down a bit. After some research I think that the FAB-U-LOUS Camilla Morton, author of 'HOW TO WALK IN HIGH HEELS (The Girl's Guide to Everything)' and other books, has it about right. She suggests that you carry the following items in your handbag: DAYTIME Mobile phone  Purse (preferably with some money in it) Notebook Pens/pencils Lipstick Lip-gloss Perfume Keys Safety pins/sewing kit (great idea) Compact (to powder your nose) Address book Diary Business cards  Plasters Spare pair of shoes if the size of your bag allows. For those of us who use Filofaxes you can see that they actually save a bit of room in your bag as they cover the notebook, pens/pencils, address b