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Stop! It's Going Too Fast and I Want to Get Off!

Carousel Okay - I don't actually mean that I want things to stop so that I can get off because I'm having too much fun but, over the last few months, my life has become a daily whirlwind of new businesses, taking on new projects, building websites and building a brand and it's not showing any sign of slowing down. I have loved every minute of it so far but it has meant that so many other things in my life have had to be put on the back burner whilst all this has been going on, including Cupcakes and Cadenzas. It will all have been worth it in the long run but I just want to say thanks to everyone who has stuck around and not abandoned this blog and to say that I haven't forgotten about it or you. Why I love Cupcakes and Cadenzas so much and refuse to give up on it it is that it was the very first blog that I set up and is therefore my 'baby' as far as blogs go. I have several other blogs set up for various business ventures but Cupcakes and Cadenzas is
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Shake it Off Like a Donkey

Some time ago I heard this little story and it really had an impact on me so I thought I would share it with you.  "There was once a farmer who owned a prize donkey. One day the donkey fell into a very deep well next to the farmer's house and began to panic at the bottom of the well when he realised there was no way out. Because the well was so deep, the farmer could see no way to help the poor donkey and so he decided that the only course of action to take was to bury it in the well and, in that way, end its suffering and stop its crying. With a heavy heart and tears in his eyes the farmer began to shovel dirt into the well to bury the little donkey. However, the donkey had no intention of being buried and so, every time the farmer threw a shovelful of dirt into the well, the donkey shook it off his back then stepped up on to it. The farmer kept shovelling and the donkey kept shaking the dirt off. Eventually the donkey had shaken off and stepped on so much dirt th

Looking After Number One

Joint pain This wasn't what I intended posting today but it seems appropriate and hopefully may save one of you from a lot of pain and suffering in the future. The human body is an incredible piece of machinery as we all know and I fully believe that if we are very aware and intuitive, we can work out exactly what our bodies need to function properly and when they need it.  For example, a sudden craving for sweet, salty or citrus type foods could indicate that something is lacking in our diet. Thirst and hunger are generally signals to let us know that we need fuel in the form of food and/or fluids. We feel tired and that's normally an indication that we need to rest our bodies and at times we feel we a real need to exercise. We start stretching our muscles and becoming restless simply because we're not designed to sit around for long periods of time. And then there's pain. Pain is the body's way of letting us know that something isn't right; the body&

When You Walk in the Room

When You Walk in the Room This morning, whilst checking my Twitter timeline, I came across a brilliant question which had been asked by @chrismarr101 . The question was very simple and straightforward but it resonated with me  immediately  and really got me thinking. Chris's question was: 'Do you brighten up the room when you walk in, or when you walk out?' Well, I'm a fairly confident person and my first reaction to the question was 'I'm fine with that. I definitely brighten up the room when I walk in!'  Then I started to think about it a bit more and of course, the doubt started to creep in.  'I'm sure I brighten up the room when I walk in! At least I think I do... What if I don't though? What if a blanket of doom and gloom starts to spread whenever I appear...suppressing conversation...stopping people from having a good time? What if they can't wait to see the back of me so that they can all get back to their happy, jovial conver

Happy New Year!

I would like to start by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and I hope 2013 brings health, wealth and happiness to you all! 2013 Happy New Year I love a new year and I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a good one. I always see the new year stretching ahead like a blank canvas; a chance to really focus on what direction you want your life to take. You can either start something completely new or you can start to compound and move forward with things that you have started previously.  Over the last few weeks I have been giving a lot of thought to where I want to be by the end of this year and I have decided that as well as continuing with my teaching, I will expand the part of my music business which I love most and focus on building that this year. My Plans For many, many years now I have used a combination of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), mind power and confidence enhancement techniques to help actors, singers and musicians achieve their full potential. I

Beating the Spammers

No More Spam!! This is just a very quick post tonight to say that I am having to put word verification back on 'Cupcakes and Cadenzas; in the hope that it will stop or a least reduce the number of spam comments that the blog is receiving. Over the last few weeks I have been getting anywhere between 5 and 10 comments every day ranging from offers of payday loans to viagra to protein shakes for bodybuilders and I am starting to get a bit fed up with it. They are being caught by Blogger's security and placed in the spam folder and I do have comment moderation on but it still annoys me. Perhaps it's because I haven't been posting regularly. I would be interested to find out if anyone else is having this problem too. I don't get this on my blogs but, having said that, I do pay a monthly fee to have all the spam caught, analysed and deleted if it definitely is spam. Blogger is free and they do a pretty good job of stopping the spam getting through bu