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'Address to the Toothache'

I have toothache!! I have had it for over a week now and despite x-rays, antibiotics and painkillers it's still there although it is easing slightly every day. They don't know what's causing it. It has been suggested that I could have banged my head on something and I vaguely remember clashing heads with one of my dogs as I bent down and she jumped up although that could just be my mind playing tricks and giving me a reason for my terrible suffering. I truly believe that toothache is the worst pain you can have and I don't care what anyone else says. It's constant and when it does subside momentarily and you think it may have gone, it returns seconds later with a vengeance. It doesn't just affect your teeth, it makes you miserable and bad-tempered (yes - even more so in my case), you can't eat, it's impossible to sleep and normal daily activities become so difficult that you have to wonder whether it's actually worth carrying on. So, I would l

The Problem with Gut Instinct

Hi everyone, I haven't been blogging as regularly as I would like recently due to being incredibly busy with work and life in general (aren't we all??) but I just wanted to do a quick post because I'm sure this is something most of us have done in the past. As many of you know I am a great believer in going by your gut instinct or following your intuition when there is a decision to be made. My belief is that you have already decided, subconsciously, what the outcome will be and then from that, when we follow our instinct/intuition/gut feeling we make the same decision -consciously. For anyone who's not sure what I mean about gut instinct, it's that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you have to make a decision. If you think about doing something and you get a good, positive feeling, it's the right thing to do. However, if you think about it and it doesn't feel right or you have a sense of foreboding or you get that uncomfortable feeling w

2012 Reading Challenge - Palaces and Calluses - Rebecca Woodhead

Click on image to view at Amazon Palaces and Calluses (Rebecca Woodhead's debut novel) is a beautifully written tale of self-discovery. Although it falls into the 'chick-lit' genre and will please those who love that type of book (me!), this isn't just your standard 'girl meets boy, loses boy, gets boy back and lives happily ever after' kind of story. There's a lot more to it. The story opens with Mary throwing a glamorous, surprise party for her husband Scott, to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary. Mary, a London socialite, has everything and wants for nothing - or so she thinks. She has a stunning house in Chelsea, the perfect, handsome, mega-rich husband, great 'friends' and money to burn but suddenly, within the space of a few minutes, everything is taken from her. Mary goes to live with her parents in the Cotswolds and from then on she is on a voyage of self-discovery.  She met Scott when she was 15 and married him when she was 16 s