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Oh Siena!

Yesterday morning, after much debate between my Good Self ("No, no Denise you mustn't! You shouldn't!"), and my Other Self ("Go on lady you want to own it, you need to own it!"), I ordered the beautiful Siena personal Filofax from Filofax UK  (guess which self won) and this morning it arrived. As always the service from Filofax was first class.

And so it was with trepidation that I opened the parcel.

Having coveted this Filofax for over a year I was worried that I might be disappointed. I had loved it from the minute I saw it on the website but felt that my pink personal classic was enough however, when my sister pointed out a couple of days ago that it was now half price on the website, I just couldn't miss out on it. Anyway, back to the parcel.

The first thing I found when I opened the parcel was a box. Not the normal 'slide in' box that many other Filofaxes come in, but a proper box with a lid.

The lovely box protecting my Siena

I opened the box fully expecting to find the Siena but no - not yet - it was inside a protective bag with a leather button keeping it closed.

The leather button on the bag - so cute!

Then came the moment I had been waiting for - finally seeing the Siena in the flesh (so to speak) for the first time.

It really is absolutely gorgeous and I certainly wasn't disappointed. The antiqued leather is incredibly soft and almost feels velvety to the touch. It is a wonderful dark, chocolate colour described as 'espresso' by Filofax.

Sadly these photos just don't do it justice.

This photo is probably closest to the proper colour
The Siena has a small external pocket on the front with a lovely plaited zip pull. It has six card slots, four at the front and two at the back and two full length pockets, one at the front and one at the back so plenty of space for storing bits and pieces. The thing that surprised me was that the rings are gold coloured and not the normal chrome. I love Waterman pens and pencils but sadly all the ones I have are all either silver trimmed or completely silver in colour and I would eventually like to get myself a gold trimmed pencil however, it won't be for a while as I'm currently on a self-imposed no-spend (more about that in another post) so I guess I'll have to make do for the moment.  What is particularly useful is that it lies completely flat from the minute you open it. Not something every Filofax does.

The Siena lies flat immediately
Another nice touch is that it comes with all the inserts and indexes in cotton cream. The writing on the index tabs is brown and in my opinion is much softer than the standard black. The ruler is also brown with cream writing.

Coffee coloured writing and ruler add a touch of class

So, all in all I am very pleased with my Siena. It's everything I hoped it would be and more and I'm looking forward to us spending many happy years together. I won't completely abandon my pink classic though and will probably use that on days when I'm feeling more...frivolous!

To finish, here is a photo of the classic just so it doesn't feel too left out and neglected.

This is not goodbye...


Your Siena is beautiful. The panama has gold rings too and like you I only have silver chrome pens! Will your Siena be your main Filofax? I look forward to pictures of your setup. How exactly will you use the classic? Lots more blog posts to come I'm sure :-)
Denise said…
The Siena is really lovely and the photos just don't do it justice which is a shame. It will be my main Filofax for personal use and my A5 Finsbury will still be my work Filofax. Definitely lots more blog posts to come.
Thomas said…
This is a great piece of Filofax indeed. I really love the leather! I am sure you will have lots of fuun with it!
I've never seen this protective bag before, but it is a good thing. I had to sew one for myself...

Best wishes, Thomas
Denise said…
Thomas, I'm so pleased with it and can't wait to get started with it properly. The bag is a nice touch too - quite unexpected.
Sandra said…
Beautiful Filofax-congrats! I like the number of slots on the front and back inside covers. I think the slots keep me from shoving a secretarial pocket full of nonsense.

That protective bag is sweet! Enjoy your Siena. My classic chocolate should have tea with your pink so she's feels included. It's hard to be replaced by a new sibling. ;)
Denise said…
Thanks Sandra, I love it.

I'm the same with the pockets - stuffed full of bits and pieces so this should stop me doing that.

I've told the pink one she's not being replaced, she's just having a rest. She's fine with that although I'm sure she'd love to meet your classic chocolate :-D
Doris said…
Hi! How does the classic "age"? I've been thinking of getting one because it's the nicest pink of the personal sizes I've seen (and I need a pink personal!). Does it lie flat? I've also seen some classics where the protective layer has peeled off making them look tired and forlorn (:

Great looking Siena! Thanks!
Denise said…
Hi Doris. Thanks for dropping by!

To be honest, I think my classic has 'aged' really well and looks almost as good as it did the day I got it, bearing in mind that I used it every single day for almost two years.

It's a lovely shade of pink - definitely the nicest of all the pinks that they have and it's actually nicer than it looks in my photo.

It has never lain completely flat but that didn't really bother me and it is a very solid Filofax.

I definitely haven't had any kind of problem with it peeling in any way.

I would honestly recommend this one. In fact, now that I've got it out to look at before posting this comment, I think I'll start using it again as my Filofax for the summer.

Anonymous said…
Please can i ask what you all use your A to Z index for? I need ideas other than for names and addresses of friends and family as that is all in my smart phone? Thanks, jane
Denise said…
Hi Jane. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I haven't forgotten about your question re the A-Z index and I will do a post about this on Friday in 'Filofax Friday' if you would like to drop by then.



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