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Back on the Radar!!

Cupcakes and Cadenzas is finally back on the radar!

I have to say that since the end of the A-Z Challenge I feel as though I have been all 'blogged' out. Don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed doing the challenge but blogging every day takes some doing and I believe that the topic I chose (nursery rhymes) knocked me slightly off kilter with the general direction of my blog and I have struggled to get the motivation back to get started again. However, I decided today that I really must make the effort and so here I am.

I think the challenge was great fun but if I do it again or take on any further challenges, I will do them on a separate blog, set up specifically for challenges/blogfests. That way I can continue blogging on here at the same time.  Many, although not all of the other bloggers taking part in the challenge had 'writing' blogs and what they did fitted in with the general day to day posting on their blogs whereas my topic didn't really fit in. The good thing is though that I completed it and I have learned something from it.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know what was happening and to let you all know that I haven't been spirited away by Kelpies.


Anonymous said…
Glad you're back, Denise. :)
Denise said…
Thanks Linda! Glad to be back again. Now I just have to catch up with what's been going on on everyone else's blogs :-)
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I stopped blogging daily two years ago, so the A to Z is always a challenge for me. I took the week after it ended off.
Denise said…
Hi Diane. I think some time off at the end of a challenge really is needed just to get your breath back. I must say I've never blogged daily and after the A-Z I don't think I ever will :-)
Anita said…
Glad to hear you're back, & I felt exactly the same after the challenge. I think I've started to get back into it now though :)
Denise said…
Thanks Anita.

I think quite a few others who took part in have felt the same way too. It's taken a while but, like you, I'm getting there albeit slowly :-)

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