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Filofax Friday - Siena Setup

Firstly I must apologise for this post being posted on a Sunday when it's clearly meant to be a Friday post. Last week just flew past. I spent all day Friday thinking it was only Thursday, and yesterday - once I had convinced myself it wasn't Friday - I was away all day buying some pictures from a gallery and got back much later than expected however, here goes with Filofax Friday Sunday.

I thought today I would show you how I have set up my Siena Filofax which I use to organise my personal life. I've been using the Siena for about 7 months now and still love it. As you can see it's stuffed full of bits and pieces that I know I will need and I also put everything in the front that I need to remember to use such as vouchers, tax disc to go on my horse box, cheque book etc. In the card section I keep the cards like loyalty point cards and behind that I keep any gift cards that I have so that they're always with me. Then I have my sticky tags and post it notes which I can't live without and a plastic wallet where I can stuff receipts etc.

The first part of the main section of my Filofax has all the information which they provide with the diaries. I haven't completed the personal info for this Filofax for some reason but normally there I would have my name address and contact numbers so that if I lose it, whoever finds it could contact me to let me know they had found it. I don't put any more information in that section. I also have the registration section completed so that it could also be returned to Filofax if it was found.

I then have my 'Diary' section. I'm using the 'Week on Two Pages' (WOTP) layout and that works well for me. At the beginning of every month I have a month per page sheet which lets me see at a glance what's happening that month. As you can see I haven't got as far as April yet. I have a sticky tag at the top of each month per page so that I can easily find the month I'm looking for.

Then comes my WOTP diary. This is a personal diary but if I have any work related stuff to do at weekends, it goes in here too so that I know not to make personal plans for that time. Each week, between the two pages, I have a 'To Do' sheet with all the things I have to achieve that week. This system seems to work well for me. I keep spare 'To Do' pages in the 'Projects' section.

The next section is 'Notes' and this is where anything and everything gets written down; ideas for blog posts, books I want to read, films I want to see, financial calculations, shopping lists, ideas for presents - absolutely anything! The biggest problem is working out what it all means at the end of the day!

The last section that I have is my A-Z. In this section I keep a list of addresses as people often ask if I have such and such a person's address or occasionally, when I'm out, I may want to send someone something so it's useful to have their address available. Behind the address sheet I have passwords. Now I know that sounds dangerous as you're not supposed to write them down and especially store them in something which could get lost but they're not full passwords. I have a plain sheet of paper and on it I write the name of the website, the email that I use for that account and then a letter or number which reminds me of the password. It works for me - honest.

Finally I have the business card holder at the very back and in the back pocket I keep a pile of DodoPad stickers which I thought I would use but I don't however, they are cute and they may come in handy at some point.

I try to use Cotton Cream paper for everything but I couldn't get it for the 'Month per Page' dairy pages so... if anyone from Filofax is reading this...MORE COTTON CREAM PLEASE!!

I use both fountain pen and pencil to write in my Filofax. The pen I use is my gorgeous turquoise Waterman 'Ici et La' and the pencil is a Waterman Hemisphere. I bought that pencil specifically so that the gold plated trim would match the gold rings of the Siena and I have now found the matching fountain pen so...

That's about it. If anyone has any suggestions to make to improve on my set-up I would love to hear them. I would also love to hear how everyone else sets their daily use Filofax up so please feel free to comment at the end.

Until the next time,

Denise x


spiritual said…
Where did you get you siena filo iv never heard of siena.x
Denise said…
Hi Spiritual. I got the Siena from Filofax UK last year. They had it in A5, personal and pocket sizes for a few years however, when I got mine it was half price which suggested at the time that they were moving on from that model. It isn't on the site anymore so I'm guessing it's now discontinued. Shame as it really is beautiful!
janet said…
They still have them on sites in other countries for example in Netherlands. I have an A5 but I prefer 30mm rings and also found the Siena wasn't tough enough for the battering I put my planners though.
Rori said…
Dunno how I missed this post...I've never seen the insides of the Siena! WOW the pockets are nice :D Gold rings! Who knew?

I like the "to-do" pages between the weeklies--I used to do that as well. It worked fine for me for a long time.

Thanks for the post!
Denise said…
Janet - I would love an A5 Siena so I will look out for those.

It does mark easily but I think it adds to its character. My one looks 'lived in' but not scruffy despite working quite hard but there are definitely others out there which are tougher. My pink classic for example.

Rori - It really is lovely - I can't say that enough - and the gold rings make it really quite special.

I find that if I don't have the 'to-do' pages where I can see them then I forget all about them and things don't get done so it definitely works for me too. I still think the perfect set-up is yet to be found though. It's obviously a life-long quest ;-)
Dani Crundell said…
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post Denise. I am a horse riding soprano who owns 3 filofaxes and my favourite is my siena! It's hardly surprising I found your blog is it?
Denise said…
Hi Danielle. Thanks for dropping by. That is so weird that we should have so many things in common!

The Siena really is lovely. In fact, the photos just don't do it justice do they?

Glad you found my blog and I look forward to hearing more about Filofaxes, singing and horses. :-)
Unknown said…
I love 'Ici et là' as the name for a pen!
Denise said…
Hi Cruz.
Thanks for dropping by.
It is a great name for a pen and is just right for that particular pen. I'll try and post a picture so that you can see what I mean.

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