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Glad Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner from Soap and Glory

I don't do too many product reviews on this blog but sometimes something comes along that I just have to tell you all about. The products today are the 'Glad Hair Day' Shampoo and Conditioner from Soap and Glory.

If you've been following this blog you will know that way back in the beginning I reviewed Soap and Glory products in general. If you haven't already read the post you can find it here. I love the products that I have used so far but have always been reluctant to try their shampoo and conditioner. This is because a lot of shampoos and conditioners just don't agree with my hair and by the time I've dried it, it looks as though;

(A)  I haven't washed it for a week 

(B) I've been dragged through a hedge backwards


However yesterday I was buying a few S&G products whilst out shopping and decided to give their shampoo and conditioner a go.

Well, once again, I love it! The first thing you notice about it is the FABULOUS smell. The shampoo contains raspberry fruit vinegar, is ideal for all hair types and is a 'no buildup' formula. The conditioner also contains raspberry fruit vinegar and natural candelilla, which is a waxy substance from a small shrub found in Northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

You don't need to use much to get a good lather with the shampoo and it's the same for the conditioner so basically each tube will last quite a few washes. After conditioning there was no feeling of the conditioner still being on the hair and I'm sure it was absorbed much better than my regular brand. I could comb through my hair easily before blow-drying it so it didn't cause tugs or knots. After drying my hair felt really smooth and thick and it was definitely much easier to handle than normal. I couldn't stop smelling my hair all day too -it's such a great smell.

I had to go out this evening and, as you all know, having your hair just right can make such a difference to how you feel. My hair felt great and several people commented on how shiny it was. Personally I feel that it's worth just over £5 per tube to have my hair looking good and remember, you really don't have to use very much. 

Number of stars for both the shampoo and conditioner *****  definitely 5 out of 5.

Until the next time,

Denise x 


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